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Since 2015, the community has been lobbying hard against industry on our doorstep. When we bought our homes, none of us knew that 200 hectares of land in Cranbourne West had been set aside for a large Industrial Park. This is the equivalent of nearly 47 MCG’s in terms of scale! Huge!

The Council and Victorian Government have never carried out a full supply and demand analysis to justify land set aside for Industrial at Cranbourne West. The land has been set aside on the basis of what is described by the planners and urban designers as leading edge thinking in community planning. This is nothing but an old industrial revolution business model where an industry was located in cities and towns because people had no cars. This outdated vision is now being imposed on the community of Cranbourne West by bureaucrats.


Save Cranbourne West, No To Industrial!

The current State Government says they will listen to the voice of their community and base their decisions on empirical evidence.

On the basis of this commitment, the Government must hear that the majority of residents in Cranbourne West do not want industrial on their doorsteps. There is already a good supply of Industrial land in Dandenong South and Carrum Downs which provides Industrial jobs for our residents. Many of us work in these precincts already. There are also jobs close to home at the Dandenong Centre and Fountain Gate/ Narre Warren Centre. These job centres represent good planning – clustering job opportunities away from our residential communities.