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SCWRAG is an incorporated association that has been established for the purpose of protecting the Cranbourne West community from industrial pollution and to promote a safe, healthy, harmonious, environmentally friendly, peaceful community.

We are a group of residents who have joined together to lobby against the planned large scale industrial park in Cranbourne West. Our community, our local member Jude Perera MP, together with the landowners, and the City of Casey support the rezoning.  However, the Government Bureaucrats do not.  They say the land should remain industrial because it is jobs on paper.

The proposed rezoning is the culmination of two petitions lodged by our group to State Parliament over the last two years where over 90% of local residents canvassed voted in favour of the rezoning.

Residents are strongly encouraged to become a member of SCWRAG if they do not have time to write a submission on the proposed rezoning to the Council in July.  SCWRAG will be appearing at Panels on behalf of the community.  Whilst we know we have the community’s support, the more members we have the louder our voice will be.  So make sure you join today.  Joining is easy and can be done online.

A copy of SCWRAG’s Rules can be found here

The current SCWRAG committee is
made up of the following members:

  • President – Ray Walker
  • Vice President – Sepal Patel
  • Secretary – Verlie Walker
  • Treasurer – Eric Day

Please feel free to contact us by email
if you have any questions about the rezoning.

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Save Cranbourne West, No To Industrial!