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How to make a submission

Cranbourne West’s residents have formed a group – the Save Cranbourne West Residents Action Group (SCWRAG Inc).

SCWRAG’s purpose is to protect our community and give us an organised voice to lobby against Industrial in Cranbourne West.

To become a Member of SCWRAG, please fill out a membership form and return it by email:

You can also become a member online:

  1. SCWRAG is established as an incorporated association in accordance with the requirements of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.
  2. SCWRAG’s purpose is to protect the Cranbourne West community from industrial pollution and promote a safe, healthy, harmonious, environmentally friendly, peaceful community.
  3. Membership is available to persons that support the purpose of SCWRAG and agree to comply with its Rules.


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How to make a submission

To ensure we are heard, please write a submission to Council, or become a member of SCWRAG.

How to write a submission

  • include your name, address and contact details
  • Set out your comments on the proposed rezoning and why you support for the rezoning from industrial to residential.

For example:

  • heavy trucks through our streets all hours of the day and night cause pollution, noise, and an unsafe environment for our families
  • it will devalue our homes
  • large factories are out of scale with our homes
  • Industry will pollute and contaminate our area which will be negative for our community
  • The community wants more open space, community facilities, and trees.

Send submissions to:

By email:

By post:
Team Leader Growth Areas and Financing
City of Casey
PO Box 1000

Save Cranbourne West