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The latest SCWRAG newsletter from September 21st, 2017.

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The latest SCWRAG newsletter from June-July 2017.

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Save Cranbourne West Newsletter

The latest SCWRAG newsletter from October 20th, 2015.

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Over 150 Emails and Counting…

It appears that over 150 residents have emailed the Minister for Planning directly lettingt him know that they do not want industrial uses on the land.  Please make sure that you email the Minister TODAY if you have not already done so.  Given that over 90% of the Cranbourne West community are against industrial, it is important that the Minister for Planning hears from you today.  Without action, the bureaucrats may end up overruling your democratic rights.  You have voted the Labor party into Government. Let them hear your voice about what you want for your community!

Many residents have received a standard letter from the Minister for Planning’s Department – DELWEP.

This letter says that when Council formally requests the Minister for Planning to make a change to the Planning Scheme to change the land from an Industrial Park to housing, then the process will allow the community to make their views known. It is understood from resident’s recent discussions with the City of Casey’s Councillors that this request is likely to be made very soon once Councillors have had the opportunity to meet with the Minister and brief him on the community’s concerns. Whilst you have received this standard letter, please continue to let the Minister for Planning know your views as a community, and sign the petition that SCWRAG are preparing to be presented to Parliament.

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